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Joe’s NoFlats

Joe’s No-Flats provides the bicycle market with the world’s most effective anti-puncture award-winning sealant. Our product line includes both latex based and latex and ammonia free sealants, with tubeless solutions and accessories, self-sealing tubes, tubeless conversion kits, lubricants based on the most advanced Nano technology, excellent cleaners and bio-degreasers and more.

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The Art of Engineering is the Core Belief that Drives Every Product Development that is Simply Better

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Quai wheels

Performance with attitude! Innovative carbon wheels for your highest standards.

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Controltech is, and always has been, a global leader in component design. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology would be nothing without the cutting-edge innovation of our Global Research & Development Team – and they work on every single component we create, being involved in the process from idea to prototype to final production design. Even our most advanced theories get a real-world beasting.

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We want you

We work very hard to deliver the best possible parts on the best possible prices to the local and European market.

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Passioned team of sales

Two Wheel Distribution is established in 2018 to link many component manufacturers form all over the world with Eastern European OEMs, independent shops and end customers. Our team of sales representatives will keep the dealers well informed about the latest trends and products.

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Sofia ul. Liuba Velichkova 10B 087 774 8343

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Maze Bikestore

bul. „Vitosha“ 164 1408 Sofia, Bulgaria 088 875 5745

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Jester Bike Shop

Dechko Jordanov №3 str. 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria 088 429 3101

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BIKE HIVE – Sweet rides and repairs

56 Obikolna Str, Tsarigradski 088 609 2087

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Jordan Bike Shop

Solunska 59 str. 02 952 1505

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Niko Bikes Varna

Македония №98 / Вход от „Ген. Колев“ / (382,05 km) 9000 Varna, Bulgaria 087 790 1822

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Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th april 13 +359 885 908 955

LFF Blagoevgrad

Katina i Nikola Haydukovi 54 str. Tel.: +359886031721

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Ateltik Sport Gabrovo

blvrd. Mogilyov 7 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria 088 877 5408

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